Taylor Swift Delicate video review

Taylor Swift has just dropped her brand new video, and in true Taylor style the release was big. Delicate was first shown at the iHeart Radio awards on Monday Australian time and it instantly got people talking.
It’s the fifth track off her album Reputation and shows a more vulnerable side to the previous singles from the album. Coincidentally, on all of her previous albums track 5 has been a vulnerable track. This song is about Taylor taking a hesitant approach towards a relationship- most likely her relationship of more than a year with Joe Alwyn. It’s all about not wanting to ruin something that is good and despite her reputation, finding someone who likes her for who she is.
Like the previous 3 videos released for reputation, this too is directed by Joseph Kahn and it seems that he and Taylor create magic together. The film clip is a little more expressive and obscure than previous videos, but I think that Taylor is trying to send a strong message throughout it- that she just wants to be herself and invisible sometimes. We all know that in recent times, the media have portrayed Taylor in a very negative light and I think that she is trying to show that she is beyond over it and will continue just doing what she does on her own terms.
One thing that Taylor does well with music videos is hidden messages and many fans now know to look out for these hidden messages in her film clips. Delicate is no exception. These are a few I have noticed.
There is of course the snake ring, which Taylor has made famous following the snake comments made by Kim Kardashian-West. But if you look back on Shake It Off from 2014, Taylor was wearing a snake ring back then. I feel that Taylor is using this image of a ‘snake’ to her advantage, that it really doesn’t bother her anymore.
The Hotel that Taylor is dancing in is called Hotel Delicat, French for delicate. Also while she is dancing in the subway, there is graffiti that reads ‘Track 5’. Taylor is certainly making sure fans know the name and track number of the song. This isn’t the first time she has done this in videos though and probably won’t be the last time.
Following the trend, when Taylor is dancing in the rain (which is very reminiscent of Fearless days), she walks past a brick wall that read ‘Echoes of your footsteps’ which is a line from Delicate.
But probably the most heart-warming hidden message and almost a confirmation that the song is about Joe Alwyn, is the ‘Joe’s Deli’ sign behind Taylor when she is dancing on the car. Joe is obviously nodding to Alwyn and Deli, which is generally short for delicatessen, could be short for delicate in this case meaning that Taylor and Joe’s love is delicate. Or maybe I’m just reading into this way too much.
I also feel that the way the film clip ended could be a hint at the next single. It ends with Taylor entering a bar and looking for somebody, presumably the man who have her the note that is lit up and Taylor carries for the majority of the film clip. Is this man Joe? I think so. It may just be coincidental that she meets this person in a bar and the first line of track 7 So it goes… is “Met you in a bar”. Or it could mean that So it goes… may be the next single.
A lot of people have compared the Delicate film clip, which so far has over 33 million views, to Sia’s ‘Chandelier’. The dance style is similar yes but I think the whole premise is totally different.
Prior to this film clip, we had seen Taylor dance but not really in an interpretive/contemporary style and I actually think she does a pretty good job. Taylor has never flaunted herself as a dancer but she does give it a good crack in this film clip. She also released the rehearsal videos for the dance, so she obviously put a lot of work into it. The dancing goes with the whole idea of the film clip- that Taylor is trying to be herself and is absolutely loving it. It really doesn’t matter how awkward she may look dancing, if she enjoys it and it fits the story then what is the point in judging her?
Overall I think Delicate is one of Taylor’s best music videos. It isn’t as intricate or special effects filled as some others like Ready For It and Style. There aren’t the amazing costumes like we have seen in Look What You Made Me Do and Blank Space. But there is creativity in a different way and a deep emotional connection. It’s simple but for the song, I don’t think it needed to be fancy. While Taylor has some fans absolutely hating this video, I like it because it is something new from her that we haven’t really seen. You can’t blame a girl for trying or wanting to be herself.

Taylor Swift Delicate

Emma Terry- from Ballet to psychology

Emma Terry graces the stage with pure elegance. Although she is only 22 years old, her career so far as been as stellar as her dancing.

Emma first began dancing at the age of 5. “I started doing the usual styles- ballet, tap and jazz”. But it was ballet that became her true passion.

The first dance school that Emma attended was the Lisa Williams Dance Studio. Emma tells me what it  was like to be so young and doing dance exams. “I was 5 and I still didn’t know my right from my left. Mum (Donna) took me in beforehand and said ‘See that window? When she says to go right you go that way. When she says to go left, you go towards the door'”.

But Emma’s passion for the art form began a year earlier. Donna took Emma to see The Australian Ballet perform Swan Lake. At only 4, Donna was surprised that Emma knew and understood the story line, even though she herself didn’t entirely understand the premise. It was then both Emma and her mum knew that she had fallen in love with ballet.


From the Lisa Williams Dance Studio, Emma went to various dance studios before coming across Classical Dance Academy in 2005. This is also the year that I first met Emma and began taking classes with her. The dance studio ran by the amazing Kelly Edwards (nee Watson) was ballet based so was a dance studio that both Emma and I thrived at. “I loved dancing there. I loved and gained so much knowledge about ballet there”.

Emma became such a wonderful dancer that she decided to audition for Sydney’s most prestigious Performing Arts High School, The McDonald College. “My stepdad took me to their open day and I fell in love with all of it; the dance studios (all 12 of them), the entire vibe of the school environment was amazing”. And so Emma auditioned successfully and began attending the school. She felt accepted and for the first time in a very long time, Emma felt that she finally fit in and could be herself and not what she felt she had to be to fit in.

At the age of 15, whilst she was attending The McDonald College, Emma decided that she wanted to start auditioning for companies in the USA. “I don’t know what drew me to there but it was where I wanted to go”. So, Emma sent off an audition tape to the Boston Ballet and got accepted into their Summer Program. Originally, Boston was where Emma envisaged herself performing for awhile, but once over in the US she decided to take a trip to Florida. On a whim, she decided to audition for the Orlando Ballet School.

It was also during this time that Emma realised the career she could have in ballet. “You want it badly before of course, but once you are one of the few left getting interviewed for the final audition process, it kind of hits you”. Of course, it has been a dream of Emma’s for many years so getting accepted was really a dream come true.

Emma Terry 2.jpg

During her time with the Orlando Ballet School, Emma got to perform many times and being only 16 years of age, that sort of opportunity is rare in Australia. “I was at Orlando for a few years. I had my eyes on the Joffrey Ballet of Chicago for awhile. I flew up with my parents and saw the company and studios. I was in love”. And so the audition process for the Joffrey Ballet begun. It started with Emma attending their Summer program and whilst there, auditioning for the Joffrey Ballet Trainee Program. It’s no surprise that Emma was delighted to receive the news that her audition had been successful.  “It was a dream that had literally become a reality. Chicago still is to this day one of my favourite cities in the world”.

Emma enjoyed her time in Chicago and tells me that she learnt a lot dancing in the U.S. “Dancing over in the US taught me to step outside my boundaries and comfort zone. I was constantly evolving seeing dance styles I had never seen before and learning new things from people all over the world”. She also says that whilst over there she met lots of great people and formed friendships with dancers from all over the world. Some of these friends became more like family and would even host Emma at their house over special holiday periods such as Easter and Thanksgiving.

In a way, Emma never got a chance to be a regular teenager as she was constantly busy dancing in a foreign country. “I never had the normal, crazy teen years”. Emma continues to tell me that being over there without her parents forced her to mature and become an adult sooner that she would have if she danced for a Sydney based company. The U.S taught her to be courageous and independent; how to push for her goals and work hard towards something; along with dedication and passion for what you do. With all of these Emma believes that you can conquer the world like she did.

Of course with the highs comes the lows and because Emma was so young and living on the other side of the world to her family, there were of course difficult times for her. The first night after her mum left was one of the hardest Emma tells me. “I watched mum go outside and get in a cab in the pouring rain. I bawled my eyes out into my pillow which mum had secretly sprayed with her perfume”. It is indeed amazing that Emma was able to do what she had done at the age of 16, a time when most teenage girls need their mum the most. “I think the absolute worst was when I was sick, and even though I felt like an adult for sure, it brought heartache for home”.

Emma Terry 3.jpg

Emma feels that the downs helped prepare her for many things in life that the ordinary person wouldn’t necessarily know how to handle, a true sign of her maturity. “I know what it’s like to be turned down from a job you desperately want. I know how competitive the world is out there. In ballet you turn up to an audition with over 100 girls all wanting the one position”.

Sometimes Emma feels that young people tend to forget that there is always another opportunity around the corner so if you want something so bad, don’t ever give in. Emma has learned along the road not to take rejection to heart, as most performers have also learned, because there may just be something better down the road.

Although dancing can seem like it’s all glitz and glamour in certain Hollywood depictions, there is also a very competitive and hard side to it. Not necessarily as dark as Black Swan but definitely more cut-throat like in Centre Stage. This is something that I feel many young dancers may be disillusioned by which can lead to severe mental illnesses. Which is why Emma’s experiences have now lead her to the path of psychology.

Since her return to Australia, Emma has begun studying Psychology at Wollongong University. “There was a long time where I felt lost after finishing dancing in the US. I think that’s something many dancers go through at some point in their life. You go from doing something 6 days a week for many years of your life to trying to be a normal person and it’s really hard”. This loss Emma describes is felt by many dancers when they retire either due to injury, illness, age or any other serious issue. This is now why Emma wishes to be able to help dancers deal with certain psychological illnesses they face during their time performing. Dancers have to be both physically and mentally tough and in a lot of cases the latter is more difficult than the former. “I wish I had someone to turn to and talk to who could understand, other than a teacher or parent”.

Emma Terry 4.jpg

As Emma describes to me, the show must go on so more often than not, dancers push any anxiety, stress or depression aside and continue performing to their highest ability. “But in all honesty, it needs to be talked about. In ballet you are rewarded for your ability to ignore pain. If you have a mental breakdown, you are strong enough to do it”. Emma goes on to tell me that in elite ballet, it’s all about mental toughness which comes at each dancers wellbeing. Those performers who are mentally tough and have the ability to shut everything out get promoted but those who show any sign of weakness are replaced. Yes, it really isn’t all tutus and pointe shoes!

“I suffered from anxiety as a dancer and I’m not afraid to hide it. I always just thought I was weak, not capable, and not normal because I felt this way”. That simply isn’t true though, Emma stresses to me. This is why psychology is now her calling. Why should other dancers suffer or go through the same thing that Emma did? “Dancers need to know that they aren’t alone. You’d be surprised how many of them are just good at hiding it. The truth of your pain and suffering does not negate your talent or drive as a dancer. It merely means you are human”.

So although the curtain has closed on Emma’s career as a ballet dancer, a new and exciting curtain raises for her. It gives her the ability to help others who may be facing a similar situation to what she did. But above all, it lets these dancers know that they actually aren’t alone in the big, exciting but exhausting world of dancing.

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Camila Cabello album review

‘Havana ooh nah nah’. It’s the infectious song that’s been playing on radio stations all around the world. And it’s the song that has put 21-year-old Camila Cabello on the map as a solo artist. Having recently released her debut solo album Camila, this girl is proving that she can do things on her own.

Camila Cabello first burst onto the music scene in 2012 on the U.S version of The X Factor. After initially not being successful as a solo artist on the show, Camila was put into a group formed by the judges called Fifth Harmony.  The group finished in 3rd place and had great success. In December of 2016, Camila announced her departure from the group and began to pursue her solo career.

She had little success as a solo artist to begin with, which forced the delay of her debut album. However, once Havana was released, Camila’s popularity continued to grow. Reaching number one in Australia, Canada and the U.S, she began to show potential as her own artist.

Havana like a majority of tracks on the album, has a Cuban feel to it. Given Camila’s birthplace is East Havana in Cuba, it really isn’t surprising.

Upon it’s release Camila debuted at number one and upon listening to the album in depth, it’s not hard to see why.

Camila’s latest single Never be the Same is the opening track of the album and really invites the listener in. If you haven’t heard this track, it’s very catchy and really demonstrates the vocal capabilities of Camila. The general meaning of the song is that love is like an addiction that changes you. The ear-worm tune will be stuck in your head all day.


There are many other catchy, Latin pop tunes that will have you humming and dancing along. She Loves Control is upbeat and heavily synthesised but definitely a memorable track on the album.

Inside Out has a very repetitive chorus that is sure to get stuck in your head but it does emphasise the point that Camila is trying to make. This track also salutes to Camila’s heritage with her singing Spanish in the third verse and the whole track feeling very Latin.

The final track Into It is also memorable and a great way to conclude the album.

There also more stripped back ballads on the album that really showcase Camila’s vocal skills, something which fell under the radar a little when she was performing with Fifth Harmony.

All These Years is a beautiful love song that is stripped back. It’s about missing somebody who once had a big impact on your life. In a previous interview, Camila stated “I think I miss you means more than I love you because you can love a lot more people but there are really just a few you can miss”. This quote speaks volumes for the track.

Consequences is another stand-out track. The piano accompaniment is simple and Camila’s voice really shines through. It also shows off her creativity and ability as a songwriter. I really feel that Camila has put her heart and soul into the conviction of this song as the emotion really comes through.

Something’s Gotta Give is another stand-out ballad. This song is about a potentially toxic relationship and breakup. Again the emotion in this song is so raw.

Overall, the sound of the album is fantastic and also quite unique. Each song is well written, well produced and well performed. Camila shows her versatility and vocal abilities throughout the whole album. It has an infectious sound and is a very solid effort for a debut album.

For now, Camila will focus on her solo career and support and her friend Taylor Swift on her Reputation tour in the U.S as well as take on her own headlining tour. Camila’s star continues to rise and rightfully so because this girl has talent.

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King Brian- Western Sydney Legend part 2

Brian Mcombe has been a prolific entertainer for over 40 years, worked in electrical retail for over 50 years and is a valuable asset to the greater Blacktown area and an even greater asset to those who know him.

In part one of my interview with Brian last week, we discussed his charity kidney golf day event. Although the amount raised is not yet known, Brian has since informed me of the day’s success. With 120 attendees, the day was a hit. “We had the best day. Everyone had a great time,” he tells me over the phone. Brian is still adamant that this is his last charity golf day after 13 years of hosting it, but time will  only tell.

This week’s article will focus more on Brian’s successes and achievements in the industry as well as his Facebook fame.

From his days as King Brian on the TV commercials, to his work within the Blacktown Community, Brian’s career has been honoured with many different awards. To the left side in his living room is a tall trophy cabinet filled with various accolades from over the years. Some are more special than others he tells me as he takes me through a few of his most honourable ones.

Brian McCombe and trophies

Sitting in a black frame is an Australian of the Year award, which Brian received in 2014 for his efforts in the Blacktown community and services to charity. These awards are only given to those people who have made a big impact in some way, so I am not the least bit surprised that Brian has received one. There’s several Blacktown Sydney Business Awards trophies that Brian has won through the years. He has even assisted other businesses in winning their awards such as Anytime Fitness, which he visits on a regular basis and the Stanhope Fitness Centre where he was an ambassador for 5 year. “All these lovely people I know. It’s not what you know, it’s who you know”.

In 2016, Brian was also nominated as a Legend of The West for the Nepean News paper. This is something that Brian holds close to his heart and is very thankful for. He was the first to be nominated as a Legend of the West for the newspaper.

I can’t help but notice an oversized drum kit trophy at the top of the cabinet, so of course I am intrigued to know more about this. The ‘Drum Beat’ award was presented to Brian last year by the debonaires. “That was fabulous actually. I didn’t think I would get to keep the drums. I thought they were just for on the day. But I got to keep it.”

Brian McCombe and trophies 3.jpg

Last year, Brian received the most outstanding citizen award for the Blacktown area. “That was a great award because the guy that introduced it to me, that was the first award of the night in front of over 700 people at Blacktown Workers Club, and he announced it as meeting me all these years ago.” Brian continues to tell me that they met on the main street of Blacktown in the 1980’s when Brian was still at Chandlers. “He approached me for a gift for the business awards and I came up with a coloured television for them and he said if that’s the way the people in Blacktown are gonna be, how friendly I was towards him, he said he’s gonna enjoy doing the awards in Blacktown.”

In recent years, Brian has become known as the most photographed man on Facebook, even receiving a trophy for this. Every day, Brian posts several different photos on Facebook with different faces at different places. Everybody seems to know him. In fact, when I take a short walk with him through the Rouse Hill Town Centre, several people stop to say hello to him and ask how he is. Even on his recent cruise, people had recognised him from Facebook and wanted to get a photo with him. “When Sue and I boarded the ship recently, I had a lady come on, Diane, and she sent me a message ‘it sounds like you’re a fun guy Brian. I’m looking forward to meeting you.’” Diane got a photo with Brian, as did her two children. It seems that everywhere he goes, photos are always taken which he enjoys, although not everyone enjoys it as much as he does. “Some people get a bit upset cause they think I overdo it,” Brian tells me but I can sense the enjoyment that it brings him.

Brian McCombe and trophies 4

Brian will often get photographs with his satisfied customers at The Good Guys and with the staff of restaurants and pubs that he frequents such as The Brewery and The Fiddler and he tells me that they are always very obliging to it.

Sue, for the most part, enjoys the impact that Brian has on people’s lives and how happy he can make them with one photo. She is often with Brian when these photos are taken. “Strangers come up to me all the time and hug me and she’ll say ‘who was that?’ and I say ‘I don’t know’ but they knew me”. Brian and Sue have been together for 5 years and Sue tells me that those 5 years have been so amazing because of all the things she has had the chance to experience with Brian. She counts tickets to see Celine Dion as one of her favourite moments. “She’s a cougar” Brian laughs because Sue is 5 years older than he is. “In the last 5 years we’ve been together I’ve taken her to so many shows and introduced her to so many people which she’d never done before.” Sue loves every minute of it, especially making the Cupie Dolls for the Westmead Children’s Hospital.

Brian puts his successes all down to hard work. He would never have achieved what he has and been where he is today if he didn’t work hard for it. Working in electrical retail for over 50 years has introduced Brian to many different faces and different events. He still works for The Good Guys and loves the enjoyment that he gets from satisfied customers who keep coming back. He also loves the opportunities that are presented to him, which come from being so successful. Straight after our interview and lunch, Brian heads to the Echidna’s Show at Croydon RSL. He’ll usually attend Studio 10 twice a week and then works 4 days a week, whilst also fitting in shows, dinners and awards evenings. Brian attends the Debonairs Luncheons at Sails Waterfront once a month. “They love me there and always take the mickey out of me,” Brian smiles. In April, he will attend the Australian Club Entertainment (ACE) awards.

For now, Brian will continue working, entertaining people and uploading hundreds of photos to Facebook. His positivity towards life will keep shining through. As our lunch comes to an end, it’s clear that Brian McCombe has left an impression on me- one that’s positive, good-natured and caring. Brian takes pride in all that he does and doesn’t see his lifestyle slowing down or stopping anytime soon. “I don’t drink alcohol and I don’t smoke and my heart’s still pumping so touch wood.”

Brian McCombe and trophies 2

I would like to say a thank you to everyone who has supported this blog over the last week and for all your kind comments regarding my first article with Brian. I hope you all enjoyed this one just as much. Please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below or via the Facebook page. To read more articles like Brian’s, sign up for email notifications below, or ‘Like’ the Facebook page.

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