Exciting things ahead

2018 is not just a brand new year, it’s a brand new opportunity for me and this blog.
Now I won’t go into too much detail, but let’s just say I was more than happy to kiss 2017 goodbye. I’m not meaning to sound cliche, but it really was the worst year of my life thus far.
So 2018 has come around and there are some exciting things happening for me. Aside from getting married in August, I have some big articles coming up that I can’t wait to share with you all. I’ve made this blog my priority this year so I’m definitely going to pour my heart and soul into bringing you some interesting articles.
Just over a week into the new year and I have 5 interviews set up. Sami Cooke from Young, now residing in Newcastle, will be one of my first stories for the year. Sami boasts an amazing talent and has some big things happening with her music career this year.
Kate Hindle, another musician who  resides in Western Australia, has overcome some pretty big things lately and will be releasing her new album later this month. I will be interviewing her to find out more about that.
16 year-old singer/songwriter Lili Crane has an amazing talent for someone so young. I will be chatting with her to talk about her current music career.
This one is for the older readers. You probably all know him as ‘King Brian’ from the Retravision commercials, but lately Brian McCombe has made a name for himself as one of the most photographed people on Facebook. Just how does he manage all these selfies with people? I’ll find out when I interview him.
Finally, Alex Shepherd A.K.A Asylem is an up and coming rapper from Newcastle. The 18 year-old will be releasing an EP at some stage this year and will feature in one of my articles this year.
I will also be following and updating news from Georgina Grimshaw and Kendall King.
I really can’t wait to share these articles with you.
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