• matt stone coffee trained

    Matt Stone-Coffee Trained

    Matt Stone is a kind and caring gentleman with a loud mouth. Well, at least that’s how he would describe himself, though I would tend to agree. But the father of one has a lot more to offer than just these qualities. With various business ventures under his belt, such as BLOT gaming, Matt is proving that he is hard-working and dedicated. He also makes a mean cup of coffee. Matt has recently opened his own business Coffee Trained. As the name suggests, it’s a business aimed at training people how to make barista-style coffee every time. Coffee Trained Coffee is something that Matt is passionate about. It’s something that…

  • ANZAC day 2018

    ANZAC day 2018

    “They shall grow not old,                                                                                                                                                  as we that are left grow old.                                                     …

  • Kendall King Fearless

    Kendall King ‘Fearless’

    Kendall King’s brand-new track Fearless is a catchy, well-produced, well-written track. Following on from his big debut release Tide in November last year, Kendall is further stamping his mark as a producer in the music industry. Fearless- how it came about Talking exclusively with Creative Collections, Kendall says that the inspiration for the song came from a friend of his. Ally K. told Kendall her story and he was instantly inspired. “So Ally and I wrote the song. The lyrics came from Ally. It’s her story.” The story of the song is based around an addiction to something like drugs or alcohol. “It’s about how people’s addictions can make them…

  • Jason K Foster Creative Collections author

    Jason K. Foster- Author, Teacher and Worldly Travels

    Jason K. Foster was just a school boy in year 9 who was forced to write a story for an English assignment. Little did he know, that last minute piece of creative writing, would pave the way for his future. Now a secondary school teacher and the author of nine books, Jason’s career has been far from ordinary. The story That hastily written story his first taste of being recognised for his writing. The only thing was: he didn’t know it yet. The story was inspired by Pink Floyd’s hit Learning to Fly. It followed the story of a fourteen-year-old native American boy.  “He had to hunt a buffalo on his own in…

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  • Press Release/Media kits

    Press Release/Media Kits

    Do you have a media release for your company that you need written? Do you have a big press release coming up that you would you like documented? Creative Collections is now offering this very service. We will write for you for a fee.   Pricing Media/Press Release up to 250 words- $25 Media/Press Release up to 500 words- $45 Media/Press Release up to 750 words- $65 Media/Press Release over 750 words- please contact us for a direct quote   If you are interested or would like to learn more about these press kits, please contact us below:

  • Love, Simon review

    Love, Simon movie review

    Love, Simon is a coming of age rom-com drama. It is a terrific production that delves deeper than the teen angst it holds within it. The script is witty and well-written; the actors portray their roles incredibly and the whole film is rather enjoyable. Although it does begin a little slowly, it doesn’t take long for the storyline to take over and the real issues to shine through. The main challenge throughout the movie are those that teenagers face when it comes to love and friendship. Moreover, we see how being a closeted homosexual can take its toll on a person and lead to deception. Warning: Some spoilers ahead. The…

  • Asylem Entertainment

    Asylem- A prophet most high

    Alexander Shepherd goes by a few nicknames-Alex, Second Son of God and, the one he is most proud of, Asylem. In recent times, Asylem has become more than a nickname. It has become the name behind the rap music that Alex makes. It’s the name that defined him as a rap artist and the artist that he seeks to be. What’s in a name? Everything if you’re a rap artist. The name came about when Alex was with a couple of friends at one of their houses. They were doing some basic recordings of songs and asked Alex to drop a verse, which they really liked. “One of them said…